08/03 Tuesday 6-8 Boss Babe Network Night - Public Event

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Women helping other Women! We love to see other women succeed 💕 Join us for this free & fun event‼️

 The most successful professionals and entrepreneurs are those that are out there being proactive and promoting their business through networking. This monthly event is to help all you local Boss babes out there make more connections and referrals each month. 

 Arrive early to grab a drink and network, make sure to bring plenty of business cards and promotional material to share.

 Raffles, food and FUN! Light snacks and beverages 🥂 will be provided. We ask that each person attending bring a product, gift card, or small gift basket to go towards the raffle to keep this event fun while showing off your business. 

 *We host this fun networking event the first Tuesday each month so let us know more of what you would like to see and learn from it. We allow one boss babe each month to set up a display and/or talk about their business during the event. We will also have guest speakers to cover different topics occasionally  to help our fellow Boss babes out! 💕💕

**The money raised from the raffle items will go towards the food, entertainment or guests speakers.