05/20 Wednesday 4pm Kids Art Class (in studio and virtual options): Polly Parrot

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Kids Art Class and our New Virtual Art Class! 
The kids are home and they need stuff to do. Take a break and let them hang out with us in the studio or virtually for a painting session. In studio class will be limited to the 5 painters. Virtual classes will follow along LIVE or by watching the recorded video.
Preregister to guarantee your supplies are shipped out or picked up in time. Cost is $20 for initial kit and $15 for additional kits (ordered at the same time)! We will be painting this freehand painting on a wood canvas. We recommend you purchase a detail brush kit for these painting if you don’t have one yet. In studio painters will use our brush set or they are welcome to purchase their own or bring a set with them. 
$20 for initial kit includes wood canvas and paints. 
$11 Detail paint brush set (recommenced if you don’t have a brush set already) 
$15 for additional kits (when ordered together including other designs). 

Please note:          

*This is a WOOD workshop so your sign WILL HAVE random cracks, chips, knots and other natural blemished that give it characteristics! Your sign may have slight bleeding or wood peeling.